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Strawberry plants

All our strawberryplants are grown according to the rules of the Elite system of Naktuinbouw (Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture). Naktuinbouw is an independent agency carrying out official inspection and certification tasks in horticultural seeds and plants, under accreditation and responsibility of the Dutch government. Naktuinbouw is an Autonomous Public Authority (APA) regulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The stringent standards relate to the internal and external quality, and the health of the propagating material. Laboratory tests are usually required to establish if all the criteria have been complied with. During the assessment of the material, particular attention is paid to varietal trueness, varietal purity, origin, health (absence of viruses, fungi, bacteria or nematodes) and the quality.

In order to trade our propagating material with the Naktuinbouw Elite certificate we are obliged to use a prescribed, staged propagating system. By doing this we can assure that all mother plants are clean meaning free from diseases. We offer the best start for our customers.

Seasonal influences, market developments but also local conditions such as composition of the soil and water supply can play a role when choosing a specific variety.

RAPO offers a wide choice which every strawberry grower needs to optimize its production. Our company offers fresh- and frigo plants with a wide choice of varieties and sortings with a.o. everbearers, B, A, A+, A++ and Waitingbed Plants.