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Asparagus plants

In the region where Rapo is located, there are excellent sandy soils for the propagation of asparagus plants! These soils contain a lot of humus and are known by its permeability. Never before has there been asparagus plants on Rapo’s fields, which decreases the change of soil diseases like Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. asparagi.

The asparagus plants are grown under the Select Plant verification mark of NAK Tuinbouw. The propagating material must meet more stringent requirements with respect to origins, identity, trueness to variety, varietal purity, health (free of viruses, fungi, bacteria and nematodes). To meet these requirements, several soilsamples and nutric check samples are taken throughout the season.

In collaboration with suppliers Bejo and Limgroup, Rapo is constantly looking for the most suitable varieties for asparagus growers worldwide. The asparagus assortment currently consists of Backlim, Grolim, Gijnlim, Prius, Cumulus and Cygnus. With these varieties we are able to serve the early, middle and late segment of white and green asparagus! For more information about the varieties we refer to our variety pages.