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Strawberry plants

All our strawberry plants are grown according to the regulations of the ‘Elite’ system of Naktuinbouw, our Dutch Plant Health Inspection Service for Horticulture.
This quality system is based on fully inspected mother material that is multiplied via a pyramid system. In this...

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Jive, step forward to perfection

During warm summers, most frigo cultures flower too early, when the plants still have unsufficient leaf mass. Jive, however, has greater resistance to heat stress than Elsanta and develops a sufficient canopy before the plant starts flowering. Jive is a late June bearer, and flower easily a week...

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About Rapo

As a middle sized plant propagator, Rapo has been producing strawberry plants for over 35 years now. It's only fair to say Raop is a well known player in our line of business!
From the early days on Rapo has been searching for sales possibilities all over Europe, not only the local market. This ha...

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